Schomberg Gallery
10 Proctor Road
Schomberg, Ontario
9am – 4:30pm Monday to Saturday
11am – 4:30pm Sunday

Contemporary at Lloyd's Mennonite Furniture

Athena Bar Stool
Athena Dickson Arm Chair
Athena Dickson Rocker
Athena Dickson Side Chair
Barcelona Sideboard with Sliding Doors
Barcelona Single Pedestal Table
Black Sea Double Pedestal Table
Charlestown Double Pedestal Table
Chateau 1 Drawer / 1 Door Night Stand
Chateau 1 Drawer Coffee Table
Chateau 1 Drawer End Table
Chateau 2 Door 6 Drawer Server
Chateau 2 Drawer Coffee Table
Chateau 2 Drawer Legal Filing Cabinet
Chateau 2 Drawer Night Stand
Chateau 2 Drawer Sofa Table
Chateau 3 Door 3 Drawer Buffet & Hutch
Chateau 3 Door 3 Drawer Server
Chateau 3 Drawer Night Stand
Chateau 5 Drawer Hiboy
Chateau 5 Drawer Lingerie Chest
Chateau 6 Drawer Dresser
Chateau 60" HDTV Cabinet
Chateau 74" HDTV Cabinet
Chateau Bed
Chateau Bookcase with Drawers
Chateau Executive Desk
Chateau Mirror
Contempo HDTV Console With Hutch
Dickson Mission Arm Chair
Dickson Mission Office Chair
Dickson Mission Side Chair
Eiffel Drop Leaf Single Pedestal Table
Essex Arm Chair
Essex Bar Stool
Essex Side Chair
Fifth Avenue Double Pedestal Table
French Riviera Harvest Table
Hampton 2 Door 2 Drawer TV Stand
Hampton 4 Door 4 Drawer Server
Jordan Double Pedestal Table
Jordan Sideboard
Madrid Double Pedestal Table
Maple Phillipe Office Desk With Chair
Marilyn Wall Unit
Mediterranean Double Pedestal Table
Mediterranean Server
Metro 1 Door 1 Drawer Night Stand
Metro 2 Drawer 2 Door TV Unit
Metro 2 Drawer Night Stand
Metro 3 Door 3 Drawer Sideboard
Metro 5 Drawer Hiboy
Metro 7 Drawer Dresser
Metro Armoire
Metro Double Pedestal Table
Metro Mirror
Metro Panel Bed - High Foot Board
Metro Panel Bed - Low Foot Board
Metro Server
Mini Contour Mission Arm Chair
Mini Contour Mission Side Chair
Mission 1/4 Cut Oak 7 Piece Bedroom Suite
New Yorker 3 Door 3 Drawer Server
New Yorker Coffee Table
New Yorker End Table
New Yorker Sofa Table
Newport 3 Door 3 Drawer Hutch & Buffet
Newport 4 Door 4 Drawer Sideboard
Newport 63" HDTV Cabinet
Newport 7 Drawer Desk
Newport 75" HDTV Cabinet
Newport 75" HDTV Cabinet Base Only
Newport Bookcase
Newport Coffee Table
Newport Computer Desk
Newport Corner TV Unit
Newport Curio Cabinet
Newport End Table
Newport Filing Cabinet
Newport Hall Table
Newport Sideboard 3 Drawers / 2 Doors + Wine Rack
Newport Sofa Table
Palais Royal Double Pedestal Table
Parthenon Double Pedestal Table
Phillipe 2 Door 6 Drawer Server
Phillipe 3 Door 3 Drawer Buffet Only
Phillipe 3 Door Buffet & Hutch
Phillipe 3 Door Server 3 Drawer
Phillipe 4 piece Entertainment Wall System
Phillipe Curio Cabinet
Phillipe Mennonite Office Set
Phillipe TV Unit
Roma Server
Savannah Single Pedestal Table
Singapore Double Pedestal Table
Tranquil Mennonite HDTV Console
Valencia Single Pedestal Table
X-Back Arm Chair
X-Back Side Chair

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